How to Use Your Ice Bath

Getting Started with Your Tacticool Ice Bath

  • Setup: Place your ice bath in a flat, stable area with access to a power outlet. Ensure the area is well-ventilated and away from direct sunlight.

  • Filling: Fill the ice bath with clean, cold water to the recommended level marked inside the bath. We recommend adding 6-8 bags of Ice on initial fill and subsequent water changes to increase longevity of your ice bath cooling mechanisms.

  • Temperature Setting: Use the WIFI controller to set your desired temperature. For first-time users, start at a higher temperature and gradually adjust to colder settings over time.

Using Your Ice Bath

  • Before You Plunge:

    • Check the temperature and ensure it’s comfortable.
    • Shower to remove oils and sweat to keep the water clean.
    • Have a towel and warm clothing ready for when you exit.
    • ensure you have unplugged your ice bath from the power outlet
  • During the Plunge:

    • Enter the bath slowly and calmly.
    • Limit your initial sessions to 1-3 minutes as you acclimate to the cold.
    • Focus on steady, deep breathing to help manage the cold shock response.
  • After Your Plunge:

    • Exit the bath slowly to allow your body to adjust.
    • Dry off immediately and dress warmly.
    • Drink warm fluids to help raise your body temperature.

Maintenance Tips

  • Post-Use Care: Regular filter changes and chemical sanitization will reduce the need for regular water changes. If you follow our recommended maintenance protocol of monthly filter changes and the usage of chlorine free sanitizer, water quality should remain suitable for use for 5-6months (for domestic use)

  • Regular Checks: Periodically check the ice bath’s components, such as the pump and liner, for any signs of wear or damage.

Safety Tips

  • Monitor Your Body: Always listen to your body during cold immersion. Exit the bath if you feel uncomfortable or symptoms of hypothermia appear.

  • Never Use Alone: Ensure someone is nearby when you are using the ice bath, especially during your initial sessions.

  • When not in use: Ensure the lid is closed and locked/